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Vacation Camps

Additional Program Options

MDS operates vacation camps during February and April break weeks (aligned with public school breaks) and a summer program for up to seven weeks (typically three in July, and three or four in August).  Attendance at these camps is optional and available for an additional fee. Enrolled MDS children are the primary participants, and older siblings who are already five (kindergartners attending elementary school) and alumni children are welcome.

February and April's camp weeks have special themes (e.g., science, construction, things that grow, transportation) and are staffed by our regular teachers. Typically up to a third of MDS parents send their children either of these weeks, depending largely on their work and vacation schedules and their child care needs. 


The summer program is open to all MDS children, siblings up to age five (kindergartners/ rising first graders) and non-MDS children.  Summer enrollment requires a 5-day attendance pattern (no part-time schedules). We ask that parents enroll their new MDS children for at least three consecutive weeks of the summer program, so it can serve well as a gradual phase-in process. This is especially important for those who haven't been separated from a parent or caregiver. Children who turn two in the summer may not start the program until their birthday or later.


The summer program is staffed by talented, experienced MDS teachers partnered with eager summer interns and specialists. Summer themes tend to be outdoor-focused, and activities can include soccer, gardening, and visits from the Nature Company. There are also frequent trips to parks to enjoy playground equipment and sprinklers and some special adventures. Participants have daily rest time in their air-conditioned classrooms. 

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