Montessori Day School of Brooklyn


Dear Families,

Welcome to the Montessori Day School of Brooklyn, a warm and welcoming community serving children ages two to five.

At MDS, we encourage every child’s natural curiosity and readiness to learn. Each of our seven classrooms is staffed by three teachers—at least one of whom is Montessori certified—to create a nurturing and fun atmosphere that promotes independence and self-esteem, and creates life-long learners. 

Whether your child is a young two-year-old in a toddler classroom, or a big kid ready for Kindergarten, they will learn to care for their classroom community and each other, while being engaged and supported by a holistic approach that allows them to create, explore, and experience the joy of learning, surrounded by adults and friends who value and respect them as little people.

The peaceful and joyful atmosphere at MDS prompts many parents and caregivers to linger after drop-off or pickup, and encourages many of our alumni to come back and visit, even as young adults. So please consider this letter an invitation to visit. There is great information on this site, but there are even greater experiences waiting for you here at school.


A Day in the Life of MDS

Find out more about this amazing approach to education and our program in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

The Teachers of MDS

Find out more about our most valuable asset, the teachers of Montessori Day School of Brooklyn.