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MDS is a warm and welcoming community where children are loved and supported through their most important and exciting developmental years.


The Montessori Day School of Brooklyn serves children ages 2 years through 5 years, divided into toddler and primary/mixed age classes. The school has a total of seven classrooms. Each class is led by a team of three teachers, with class sizes appropriate to the ages of the children.  Classroom calendars are distributed monthly to parents identifying the themes, special projects, and daily activities for the month. Using Montessori principles, our dedicated, experienced teachers create an environment that is both nurturing and educationally stimulating for the children. Teachers work together so that as children pass through the classes during their years at MDS, they build on their experiences in each classroom.

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What Parents Think

We were at Montessori Day School for two years and loved it. The teachers were amazing and the community so supportive. My daughter loved her experience and wishes she was back at MDS. She has transitioned so well to K and a lot of it is due to the encouragement of independent work along with group play. Her teachers instilled in her a love of learning and confidence in herself which has translated so well in preparing her for K."

Laurie, mom to LKE

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