Two-year-old children at MDS learn to care for their own belongings and bodies, choose their own materials, participate in group activities like Circle Time and outdoor time, and engage in parallel and interactive play.

Children may begin attending without a parent or caregiver no sooner than their second birthdays. Though the school year begins in early September, families may enroll children who will turn two a little later in the fall.  

Our toddler classes are made up of two-year-olds, with a maximum group size of twelve. (When appropriate, we place some “old twos,” those turning three in the fall, in a mixed-age class with “young threes.” These classes have a majority of three-year-olds and a maximum group size of fifteen.) Each class is led by a team of three teachers, exceeding the adult-to-child ratio requirements for an early childhood program. Classroom calendars are distributed monthly to parents identifying the themes, special projects, and daily activities for the month. Using Montessori principles, our dedicated, experienced teachers create an environment that is both nurturing and educationally stimulating for all children. Teachers work together so that as children pass through the classes during their years at MDS, they build on their experiences in each classroom.