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The thing that my family valued most about the MDS Pre-K year is the school’s commitment to wholly play-based learning in the Montessori framework. When my children started Kindergarten, they both repeatedly commented on how much they missed MDS where ‘all we did was play all day.’ What they did not realize was how big of a head start their days of Montessori ‘playing’ had given them, in everything from art to academics. There was never any pressure from their teachers to learn, yet learning happened organically and in abundance.
— Kathy, Mom to two MDS alumni, now in 3rd grade and Kindergarten
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Our daughter attended Pre-K3 and Pre-K at MDS. She owes MDS a much-improved sense of independence, a better understanding of community, and a profound sense of camaraderie with both younger and older children. MDS taught her her first letters, her first numbers, and gently encouraged her to develop her first and many friendships. Throughout her tenure there, it felt very much as though the school was dedicated to her individual success in an environment entirely new to an only child, previously heavily dependent on her parents and other adults to define her world and help her along within it. After MDS, she adapted to Kindergarten quickly, making friends with ease, and getting glowing reports about her sense of community and collabration, which we completely attribute to her days at MDS.
— Sashka, Mom to T.
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We were at Montessori Day School for two years and loved it. The teachers were amazing and the community so supportive. My daughter loved her experience and wishes she was back at MDS. She has transitioned so well to K and a lot of it is due to the encouragement of independent work along with group play. Her teachers instilled in her a love of learning and confidence in herself which has translated so well in preparing her for K.
— Laurie, Mom to LKE
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Enrolling our daughter at MDS was the best decision we could have made for her. Over the past 3 years, we’ve seen how the Montessori approach has helped build her independence, curiosity, and confidence. But more importantly, her teachers over the years have been fun, caring, and dedicated, and they’ve given her such a wonderful view of ‘school’ and learning. She’s moving on to Kindergarten next year, but luckily her younger sister will be starting at MDS, so we have a few more years in this wonderful school and community!
— Michael, Dad to E.
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If it’s Nature AND Nurture, we want this kind of Nurture. Thanks, MDS. One less thing to think about.
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We’ve been very happy this year and we think it’s because we are SO pleased with the excellent teaching staff, who are warm, caring and in tune with the children’s individual needs. Their communication has also been excellent.
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My children have flourished under the careful care of the teaching staff at MDS. The entire administration is lovingly dedicated to fostering a community and supporting children to become respectful, capable, and independent citizens. I have seen the impact this has made on my oldest child (now 8), and I’m seeing it in my youngest as she learns to love learning. Thank you, MDS.