Three-year-old children show the results of their tremendous two-year-old development; they become more agile, verbal, and social, and tend to enjoy engaging with younger or older children as well as age-mates.  Fours and fives become leaders or big siblings in their classrooms and often show great interest in academic readiness skills (like science topics, letter sounds, number concepts).   

The Montessori Day School of Brooklyn serves children ages 2 years through 6 years, divided into toddler and preschool/kindergarten classes. The primary classes have mixed-age groups (i.e., 3 to 5 years of age) following the Montessori model where young children learn from older ones and older children reinforce their learning by helping the younger children. In addition to our Montessori-focused curriculum, we also have an exciting array of enrichment activities. Each class is led by a team of three teachers/assistants, exceeding the required adult-to-child ratio. Classroom calendars are distributed monthly to parents identifying the themes, special projects and daily activities for the month. Using Montessori principles, our dedicated, experienced teams create an environment that is both nurturing and educationally stimulating for the children. Teachers work together so that as children pass through the classes during their years at MDS, they build on their experiences within each classroom.  We have scheduling options including full days (8am to 3pm) and extended days (8am to 6pm). See Enrollment Options for more details.