Welcome to the Montessori Day School of Brooklyn

Threes/Fours/Fives Openings for 2016-17 School Year! :)

Dear Prospective MDS Families,

We still have a few openings for the new school year, 2016-17!

If you are interested in our program for your “primary” aged child, that is one who will be at least three years old in autumn of 2016, please email tamika@montessoridayschool.org. Kindly include your child’s full name and date of birth in your message.

We will then determine what placement may still be available for your family.

Warm regards,
Dave Mandel, Executive Director

At the Montessori Day School of Brooklyn in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, we pride ourselves on being a well-regarded educational setting for young children, working closely with families to provide a great experience for the children of Brooklyn!

Please explore our website to learn more about our programs and who we are.  Feel free to contact us or call for more information!